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We know that a stunning smile can significantly increase your self-confidence. So if you want to smile confidently without teeth gaps, the top specialists at Dentistry of Orlando offer dental bridges and crowns. You can achieve exceptional dental health with our assistance. We use the latest technology to provide you with permanent dental bridges that look natural. 

Our years of experience have benefited our patients, and we are regarded as one of Orlando’s best dental clinics. To find out more about the types of dental bridges we offer, contact us today.

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Do you need a dental bridge?

Our professionals are here to provide our patients with dental bridges that last. Using the latest technology, we are able to offer an efficient solution for your dental problems. Here’s why you should consider dental bridges. 

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prevents tooth shift | dentistry of orlando

Stops shifting

Your neighboring teeth could shift into the area formed by your missing tooth if there isn't another tooth or teeth to stop them. With a dental bridge, you can avoid it.

speak better | dentistry of orlando

Helps you speak better

Lack of teeth can cause impaired pronunciation, a lisp, and other speech difficulties. A dental bridge makes it easier for people to understand you.

chew better | dentistry of orlando

Enhances the capacity to chew and eat

Your ability to chew properly may be compromised if you have fewer teeth or a missing tooth. A dental bridge lets you enjoy little luxuries in life, like food.

tooth smile | dentistry of orlando

Improves your appearance

Your appearance can be adversely affected by missing teeth as people pay attention when you speak, laugh, or chew. By enhancing your smile, a dental bridge improves your appearance.


Dental bridge procedure

With the dental specialists of Dentistry of Orlando, you can ensure that every step of a dental bridge procedure is meticulously executed, and the solutions we offer fit perfectly for your condition.
Dental Bridge | Dentistry of Orlando

Oral assessment

The dentist will first do a thorough oral examination and ensure that any gum disease or tooth decay is cured.
Dental Bridge | Dentistry of Orlando

Dental impression

The two healthy teeth on either side of the gap will be filed down to make room for a dental bridge.
Dental Bridge | Dentistry of Orlando

Temporary bridge

While you wait for your permanent bridge to be built, you can be offered a temporary bridge.
Dental Bridge | Dentistry of Orlando

Permanent bridge

The permanent bridge is positioned and secured with dental cement. A dental implant may be used to support the bridge.
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Frequently asked questions

Cantilever Bridge
We use a cantilever bridge when teeth are present on only one side of the gap. It is used in areas of your mouth that don't experience an intense chewing load, such as your front teeth.

Maryland Dental Bridge
Also known as resin-bonded bridge, the metal bands are bonded to the surrounding teeth with resin to hold the false tooth in place. This type of bridge is commonly used in areas of the mouth with less stress.

Implant Supported Bridge
Similar to a "traditional fixed bridge," this bridge is secured in place by implants as opposed to being bonded to teeth.

While there are many benefits of having dental bridges, it’s not for everyone. We will take a look first at your oral health and condition to see if you are a good candidate. 


Dental bridges are a great alternative for patients who have one or more missing teeth through extractions or tooth loss. Ideally, they must have two healthy teeth in the mouth, one on either side of the gap where teeth are missing. 

On the other hand, the candidate is not suited for a traditional dental bridge if it is discovered that these teeth are weak. This is due to the possibility that the teeth could become diseased or weaken over time, leaving them unfit to support the bridge.

Lastly, the candidate should have a good overall oral health. 

To break hard foods, you need to apply some pressure, but this pressure can fracture or ruin the bridge's structure, requiring a replacement bridge. To help a dental bridge last longer, you should avoid foods like popcorn kernels, chips, raw carrots, and hard sweets.

Bridge your dental gaps

Dental bridges offer incredible advantages. Allow our specialists a chance to evaluate your needs and offer you the best dental care possible.