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Dental Exam and Xray | Dentistry of Orlando


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Avoid dental emergencies and keep your teeth looking great and healthy with a regular dental exam and x-ray. With your every visit at Dentistry of Orlando, your dentist or dental hygienist will review your dental history and perform an oral exam to check your teeth and gums. We also examine existing dental fillings and crowns and make sure they’re still in good shape.

During your dental checkup, our oral hygienists can spot dental problems like gum disease and cavities, so we can help you proactively take care of them and avoid financial costs which you may incur for large treatment plans. It’s a great opportunity for you to ask our dentists any questions you may have about your oral health, as well as review some tips. 

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What to expect during a dental exam & x ray

A dental exam at Dentistry of Orlando, typically includes visually checking your mouth using mouth mirrors, dental explorers, and high intensity lights. A dentist or hygienist will look for any cracked and decayed teeth and review the following items:

Dental Exam and Xray | Dentistry of Orlando
medical history | Dentistry of Orlando

Medical history review

The dentist will record any new medical conditions or illnesses and assess how they may affect your dental health.​

dental checkup | dentistry of orlando

Examination of tooth decay

The dentist will also examine and check any cracked or decayed teeth, failing restorations, and wear.

oral screening | Dentistry of orlando

Oral cancer screening

The face, neck, lips, tongue, throat, soft tissues, and gums will be checked for any signs of oral cancer.​

gum disease evaluation | dentistry of orlando

Gum disease evaluation

Any periodontal disease will be checked through gum and bone evaluation. ​

tooth restoration | dentistry of orlando

Examination of existing restorations

Current fillings, crowns, and other restorations are made sure to be in good order.

tooth xray | dentistry of orlando

Diagnostic x-rays

Your dentist may perform a bitewing x-ray and/or a panographic x-ray to reveal any other hidden problems


Why you should meet your dentist regularly

More than checking cavities, regular checkups  and x-rays at Dentistry of Orlando are a way to detect oral diseases, irritated gums, and other abnormalities. These checkups also put us in a better position to provide you with the right treatment to prevent dental problems or restore oral health. Here are other health benefits of dental checkups and xrays. 

Dental Exam and Xray | Dentistry of Orlando

Early detection of dental problems

Dental xrays reveal infections around roots, bone loss, and other oral pathologies and abnormalities. This means we get to detect these problems before they become a complex or expensive issue. Aside from saving you on costs, regular dental exams and xrays also save a life.
Dental Exam and Xray | Dentistry of Orlando

Prevents tooth decay and loss

Some tooth decays can be sneaky. They don’t show physical signs or pain early on. With a diagnostic oral exam, we detect these cavities before they progress to tooth decay that may require tooth extraction or other expensive treatments. We offer preventative dental solutions to prevent tooth loss.
Dental Exam and Xray | Dentistry of Orlando

Reduces risk of heart disease

Oral health is essential in maintaining one’s overall health. With poor dental health comes the risk of bacterial infection in the bloodstream which may affect heart valves. With regular dental examinations, we can prevent oral diseases and maintain a healthier mouth and heart.
Dental exam and X-ray | Dentistry of Orlando
Advanced dental care

We provide better dental care with advanced technology software and devices.

We have partnered with high-powered technology like Dentrix and Planmeca  to provide exceptional patient care.

Our teams now work smarter with Dentrix software that streamlines our workflow. Oral examinations and x-rays have also been easier to perform with Planmeca’s imaging device and other dental tools. 

Our digital solution partners
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Frequently asked questions

No, not necessarily. The frequency of x-rays varies per patient. We may require some patients to have x-rays annually while others may need it every six months to monitor developing conditions. In all instances, we carefully weigh the benefits and potential risks of any tests we conduct. RE

There are different types of dental x-rays and each one for a different purpose. The most common classifications are intraoral x-rays and extraoral x-rays.

Intraoral x-rays
The most common types are bitewing, periapical, and occlusal. These detailed x-rays allow your dentists to find cavities that are not visible, check the health of the tooth root, bones surrounding teeth, cysts, and abscesses.

Extraoral x-rays
The different types of extraoral x-rays include panoramic x-rays, tomograms, cephalometric projections, sialography, and computed tomography. Extraoral x-rays are used to look for impacted teeth, monitor jaws, and identify problems between teeth and jaws and the temporomandibular joint and other bones in your face.

This is a common concern for many patients but dental x-rays only involve a minimal amount of radiation. At Dentistry of Orlando, we provide protections including a lead-line apron to cover portions of the body that may be exposed to x-rays. 

We also do not recommend x-rays to just anyone and at any time. We only prescribe them when they are appropriate and necessary. We also utilize state-of-the-art technology to ensure that every procedure is safe.

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